Runaway Romances with Europe?

I'm reading a book called Runaway Romances: Hollywood's Postwar Tour of Europe, a book about the popularity of Hollywood films in the 50's and early 60's which revolve around young women traveling to Europe; these movies include Roman Holiday, … [Continue reading]

How Three of the Four Travelers Got to London

The Ocean Liner De Grasse   This is what I know so far about the trip taken by Carmen, Maria, and Joan; Anisa traveled separately by air, and I'll discuss that in the next post. I had an earlier post about how Carmen's brothers had sent my … [Continue reading]

1949 and the re-opening of tourism

Warning: You are about to read a cerebral, somewhat dry, blog. There is nothing like starting a new project to become aware of one's profound ignorance on the subject.  Difficult as I knew conditions were in Europe after the war, I had not thought … [Continue reading]

The Four Travelers

Note: I've made additions to this blog post, based on a recent conversation with my mother.  I've put her comments in red.  There's also one comment about Joan by Anisa; it's in blue below. I'm trying to get ideas of what the personalities were of … [Continue reading]


Important piece of information #1: This entry really is about my summer in Europe and the Omari family--it just takes a while to get there. Another piece of information that will be relevant later.  Today is December 21, 2011 and we have been asked … [Continue reading]

All about Bedia 8/10/11

Day Two: I had at first been apprehensive about sleeping, as I discovered that my room was essentially over the kitchen, which meant that I would be sleeping to the sound of dancing pans as the kitchen crew cleaned up.  Normally I would be up and … [Continue reading]

La Strada Restaurant Putney 8/9/11

I meant keep myself out of the project.  This, I announced to myself, would not be a series of scenes about Europe, 1949 interspersed with, example, parallel or significant scenes from my life.  Nor did (and do) I want to expend space meditating on … [Continue reading]